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Welcome to Pure Momma, a sanctuary crafted to empower and enlighten anyone health conscious. My mission is to shed light on a spectrum of topics, ranging from essential health advice, incorporating unconventional methods, to raising awareness about everyday toxins. These toxins often lurk unnoticed in our lives, from our daily routines to the very items we keep in our homes. My ultimate aim? To help families flourish in a clean, toxin-free, and genuinely pure environment.

My journey intertwines my love for the arts (psychology, acting, real estate and interior decorating) with a deep-rooted commitment to health advocacy, inspired by my family's medical background. However, my greatest passion lies in motherhood. It brings the responsibility and desire to create a nurturing, healthy, and uncontaminated space for my children. My path to a toxin-free lifestyle began when my children transitioned from breast milk to formula. The unsettling ingredients listed by renowned brands sparked my quest for healthier alternatives.

This journey took a personal turn when I witnessed my father battle a mysterious illness, possibly linked to toxin exposure, including black mold in his home. My own unexpected battle with acute mold toxicity in our home further fueled my resolve with extensive research and certification in nutrition. This experience has driven me to not only restore my family's health but also to spread awareness and help others.

In our space, we explore the often-overlooked health issues that fall through the cracks of conventional western medicine. We delve into environmental toxins, like the commonly missed household mold, and uncover natural remedies and strategies that go beyond the mainstream. I hope you find the blogs helpful and if you need further information please dont hesitate to reach out for a consultation.

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Vivian Khouri Rowan

Certified Nutritionist

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