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Knowing your EMF exposure

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

When you look around your home do you see a lovely landscape horizon?Or is you view blocked by power grids or cell phone towers?

This might be something you want to take into consideration before purchasing a home or enrolling your children in a school.

Top Certified EMF experts believe you should live at least 400 meters from a cell phone tower to be safe from RFR.

In 2011 The WHO and AIRC declared RFR to be a carcinogen. Cell Phone towers use pulsed microwave signals called RFRs, radio frequency radiation or EMR, electromagnetic radiation. This type of RF can also be found in microwaves, radios, and televisions.

Not all Towers are equal

Cell phone towers emit more radiation than power lines. The pattern in which they radiate is strongest 300 meters from the tower itself. This is why top experts recommend you live at least 400 meters from a tower.

Another note- not all antennas are created equal on a tower. Transmitting antennas emit more RFRs than receiving ones.

The object next in line to carry the same threat is your Cell Phone.

Numerous studies have shown that prolong cell phone use is correlated to possible brain tumors and gliomas. Children most of all are subject most to damage from radiation exposure because they don't have the developed defense mechanism such as having soft tissue and a growing skull, to be able to handle the same exposure that might not phase an adult. In fact children absorb 2 times the amount of radiation according to a Berkeley study. Another study in India found a 33% increase in brain tumor rates for people constantly using their phones. (Study here)

Last threat on our list is the ever sophisticated looking apple AIR PODS.

Although they release less radiation than cell phones, they still release RF. According to Jerry Philips , a biochemist at the University of Colorado who studies DNA damage from electromagnetic fields, he concluded that DNA damage is possible because of the direct placement of the pods so close to the brain. He is in no way the first researcher to speak up about this, a petition was actually signed from 40 different countries by 250 researchers to the United Nations and the World Health Organization. The petition showed concern about the non-ionizing electromagnetic field from WiFi devices, smartphones, cell towers, etc. However nothing came of it, and The American Cancer Institute says the radiation emitted is too low to cause cancer or damage DNA. Also another pair of studies by the US National Toxicology Program found cell phones to give tumors in rats in the heart and brain.

What is our Take away??

Should you get a EMF shielding phone cover? We have tried and tested "EMF' shielding smart phone covers. The problem is it either provides protection and lowers your phone signaling even almost neatly, or it doesn't work enough to have anything more than placebo effect.

Therefore, our advise is: use that speaker phone when you're in a setting in which allowed, use blue tooth in your car, use good old fashion ear plugs that come with the apple phones. And if you'd like to be a little risky and use air pods don't keep them in your ears all day long or extended periods of time in your ears.

Sleep a few feet away from your cell phone (and/or baby monitors too).

Try and keep any routers for your computers out of the bedrooms where you asleep as well.

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