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Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Do you know over a quarter of buildings in the United States are water damaged buildings, according to OSHA (The occupational safety and health administration).

Other studies have United States homes as high as 47% water damaged.

Mold Illness can also go by the name of CIRS or SICK BUILDING SYNDROME.

You may be wondering, ok what does that have to do with being a great Mom or how does that affect my life? Water damage buildings, especially in the United States where our construction materials involve drywall and central air conditioning, directly impact our air quality. You see when water damages drywall, wood, or carpet it is a perfect breeding ground for mold, mycotoxins and endotoxins to thrive. These pathogens begin at the source of the damage but can easily make their way over a short period of time to your HVAC systems and air ducts, and from there almost behave like a mold/bacterial bomb exploding all over your home.

How does Mold, Mycotoxins and Endotoxins affect my family?

To give you a broad idea, the United States Army conducted military studies on the use of mycotoxins as biological chemical warfare. The effects are not pretty. In short, Mold can silently and sneakily wreak havoc on your body, and you will never be the wiser of how you got so ill. Mold can trigger autoimmune disease, harm your thyroid, cause CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) and some research shows it can be responsible for triggering cancer.

Stun Your Readers

20% of the population has a hyper-sensitivity to mold, these people are called "the canaries" in a coal mine...

Mold, mycotoxins and endotoxins are not healthy for anyone to breathe, however for some its as bad as allergies, and for others it can lead to multi-systemic hurricane, sending the immune system in overdrive. For 20% of the population who may or may not have HLA-DR gene, mold can be extremely toxic. Mold itself is a biotoxin. 20% of the population do not have the proper antigens to identify mold as something toxic and to be eliminated. This gets dangerous when instead of leaving the body it stays and re-circulates wreaking havoc on the body as it does. The body ends up with uncontrollable inflammation labeled Chronic Inflammatory Response affecting almost every system in your body from head to toe. Mold can also create something called Mast cell activation disorder. This is in short where your allergic-innate immune responses go into overdrive.

This topic hits close to home as I have gone through this journey myself and I'm working on a short e-book which will tell my story and I'll lay out the long process including all the remedies which helped me regain my health and take my life back. I will be posting it in here.

If you suspect Mold is an issue in your home, please check out our other blogs on the Pure Momma.

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