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Purifying the Air in Your Home.

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

There is certainly enough products in this realm to make anyone's head explode.

How do you narrow it down to what is right for you? The answer is simpler than you might think.

According to a study from Gerontological Society of America about 90% of all airborne particles are less than .1 micron.

This is a very important key fact in purchasing an air purifier. When you decide to make the decision for clean air in your home it sounds pretty counter intuitive to purchase one that could miss 90% of your possible pathogens. Most of your common household air pollutants such as pollen, bacteria, and dust mites range between .3-100 Microns, which is easily taken care of by a standard hepa filter. So ok, easy, no worries right? Wrong. MOLD is your con artist. Mold is a multi-faceted organism. Mold spores measure about 1 micron which again could be cleared by a standard hepa filter. However, mold carries a little by-product on it which is HIGHLY toxic especially if it comes from black mold (or water damage mold). These byproducts are called MYCOTOXINS.

MYCOTOXINS- the serious threat no one thinks about when filtering out MOLD.


Mold Spores can be 3-100 microns, but this is only battling half of the equation, their toxic by-products can range from .005 - .1 microns!


This alone narrows anyone's search down to a much tighter choice of purifiers. Why spend any dollar towards a product that isn't capturing one of the most potent toxins out of them all.

IQ AIR is our first pick for the GOLD standard in particulate removal. It has been tried and tested in hospitals for years. It also gets down to .003 microns and covers up to 1240 sq ft, which guarantees it will be capturing most of those awful mycotoxins circulating in your air!

Our second pick would be the Air Doctor. It also guarantees it can get down to .003 microns and cover 900 sq ft. but for the price of $499 (on sale here, click below)

Other purifiers which have a good rep like Molekule, Air Oasis and High Tech solutions, are worth investigating, but with our experience and research, PCO and AHPCO technology needs to further be studied to rule out any negative health consequences from emitting free radical hydroxyls.

If you've made it this far on our post, and you are interested in learning more please read our E-book or our other threads based on this subject. I will sum it up in short again, MYCOTOXINS are the by product produced by Fungi, or mold (aka Mold is fungus), and these can completely wreak havoc on your body and possibly even be deadly in high concentrations.

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