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Suffering from Insomnia?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Living in a rapidly growing chaotic world is bad enough, but not being able to unplug from the addiction of being constantly "connected" or "plugged in" is even worse.

In fact busy moms always feel like they are catching up on the social media scene at night time after the kids have gone to bed and they finally get some down time, and this is the worst time to actually "tune in".

Studies from Harvard University show that light exposure at night suppresses the production of melatonin, a hormone thats very important to the body's circadian rhythms. Even worse is blue light from laptops and phones, suppresses melatonin by TWO times the amount of regular dim light and even green light! So no matter how badly you feel the need to catch up and connect do it in the am! (however if you must look at your phone dim your lighting under your settings or put it on night mode). Therefore come bedtime, lights out, go dark.

Let's move on to another issue since we are on the topic of circadian rhythms, get some morning sun on your face! It all boils back to our ancestors and primitive instincts, just 15-30 minutes of morning sun will balance our your bodies natural circadian rhythm and give you a better nights sleep AND extra perk...a little more vitamin D which you will especially need in those winter months!

Another thing you can do to help guarantee some good shut eye is work out! Not only will you exhaust your muscles, you will boost endorphins and these two processes alone brings sleep.

Lastly, if you still need a little push towards the "zzz's", spray some lavender essential oil, make some chammomile tea and take some Magnesium Glycinate before bed! Studies have shown that Magnesium Glycinate improves sleep quality and relaxation!

Again, to Summarize above:

  1. No lab tops/ cell phones 2 hours before bed

  2. No lights go dark (small dim night light ok)

  3. Get morning sun on your face or body

  4. Work out

  5. Do the extras- lavender oil, Chammomile Tea, Magnesium Glycinate

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